Chemical reactors for sustainable chemical processes and an optimized system for energy storage and hydrogen production
Undergraduate Team Winner
Modal Propellant Gauging (MPG): A system that provides real-time fuel gauging for aircraft and spacecraft
Undergraduate Team Winner
Syn-SCOBY: a smart pollutant-sensing filter and DEPCOS for ultra-safe water applications
Healthcare advances for amputees that restore a sense of touch and better mobility
Augeo: A cryogel polymer-based embolization solution to treat hemorrhaging patients
Undergraduate Team Winner


Creates renewable energy technologies
Callascope, a cervical cancer diagnosis device and a smartphone algorithm to classify cervix images
Ithemba: A reusable, low-cost, contamination-free breast biopsy device
Undergraduate Team Winner
Electrochemical Water Purification Technology and Chlorine Generator
The BioEnergy Project – Repurposing Food Waste
Undergraduate Team Winner
SMART Conductor and Enhanced Optical Fiber Sensors
Portal Entryways: A wireless device that opens disabled-accessible doors
Undergraduate Team Winner
AlterEgo, a non-invasive-peripheral-nerve computer interface and ISGEC platform


inventor of reCAPTCHA, co-inventor of CAPTCHA and creator of a free language-learning platform, Duolingo.
Charged Polymers for Sticky Agricultural Sprays, and Water Recovery in Cooling Towers
Electron Microscope Pixel Array Detector (EMPAD) and Low-Cost airSTEM
Agonist-antagonist Myoneural Interface (AMI) and Pollex Grasp


Pioneer of the revolutionary CRISPR technology and optogenetics
WheelSense: An Open-Source Smart Add-On System for Wheelchairs
Undergraduate Team Winner
A Small, Mid-Air-Deployable, Folding Electric Drone, and Adaptable Aircraft Manufacturing (AAM) Architecture
Contact-Printed Nano-membrane Transducers for Sound Production
SwineTech: SmartGuard Device – Real-time health analysis for farmers
Undergraduate Team Winner
Solar-Powered Desalination System for Off-Grid Water Production in India and Gaza and Usage Sensor for Household Water Treatment Devices
Undergraduate Team Winner
Innovative Biomaterials-based Strategies to Combat Autoimmune Disease
Method to Design a Better Prosthetic Foot


Inventor of Femto-photography
Highlight: A Powdered Additive for Disinfectants
Undergraduate Team Winner
The First High-Performance, Lightweight Clutchless Hybrid Transmission
Better Connections between Humans and Plants on Earth and in Space
Superhuman Visual Systems to Capture Light
SignAloud: Gloves that Transliterate Sign Language into Text and Speech
Undergraduate Team Winner


Inventor Creates First Mass-Produced Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Battery; Awarded $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize
Respiratory Solution for Premature Infants around the World
Undergraduate Team Winner
Enhancing Pain-Free Drug Delivery in Patients via the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract
Connecting “Hidden” Vehicle Data with a Cloud-based Platform to Create Powerful and Transformative Applications
Game-changing Innovation to Help Solve the Global Food Scarcity Challenge
Undergraduate Team Winner


Inventor Creates Tiny Technologies For Medicine; Awarded $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize
Designed next-generation wearable mechanical interfaces that improve comfort for amputees
GlucoSense: A low-cost glucometer and strip system for diabetics in resource-poor settings
Undergraduate Team Winner
Reconfigurable Forming Tools – Looking Beyond 3D Printing
Undergraduate Team Winner
Invented eyeMITRA
Low-cost, reusable, handheld, mechanical malaria diagnostic
Invented tiny sensors that probe critical quality attributes of protein based drugs to improve drug development
Undergraduate Team Finalist
Invented the Chymos Needle for surgical bile duct procedures
Undergraduate Team Finalist
Invented a safe, low-cost, easy to use, two joint robotic arm that attaches to a wheelchair
Undergraduate Team Finalist
Invented a mechanical, easy-to-use tool that automatically limits the volume of fluid that is dispensed to children during intravenous therapy.
Undergraduate Team Finalist
Invented a two-step method to convert Near Field Communication (NFC) radio frequency identification tags into chemical sensors
Invented a durable coating for condensers, appropriate for tough industrial settings, that improves its efficiency.
Developed high-performance lithium-ion batteries designed to facilitate integration in electric vehicles
Invented Circuit Scribe, a rollerball pen filled with conductive silver ink for sketching circuits on paper.
Invented BitDex, a fast and accurate optical identification system for drill bits
Undergraduate Team Finalist
Undergraduate Team Finalist
Invented a luxury leather handbag integrated with fuel cell technology and LEDs
Undergraduate Team Finalist


Genetically engineers viruses to create new products.
Inventors bringing life-saving health solutions to the developed world
Inventor of medical devices that are making surgical procedures less invasive
Invented compact, low power cameras that capture the world in three-dimensions
Inventor of a pin bed mechanism for directly forming physical three-dimensional contoured surfaces from a digital file


Commercialization of inventions Revolutionizing Human Health
Global Innovation for Scientific Solutions to the Global Water Crisis, and Energy and Fuel Efficiency
Invented the first-ever solar cells fabricated on everyday substrates
Invented an analyzer for the immune system
Developed Drawdio, a circuit-craft that attaches to an ordinary wooden pencil and turns drawings into musical instruments


Invented healthcare tools that can better integrate with the human body
Culturally Accepted, Sustainable Reconstruction in Developing Countries
Invented a humanized mouse with a tissue-engineered human liver
Invented the first-ever solar cells fabricated on everyday substrates


Invented the world’s first bioorthogonal chemical reaction, a technology for labeling biomolecules in living cells or animals.
Developed Rainwater harvesting system and mobile health clinics to improve the quality of life for villagers in rural India.
Invented a ground-breaking method for three dimensional genome sequencing called “Hi-C”.
Toy designer and co-founder of MIT Toy Lab
Invented the Leverage Freedom Chair


Invented Dip-Pen Nanolithography and nanoparticle-based biodetection schemes
Invented EpiSurveyor, mobile software for public health workers
Developed a new class of therapeutics that provides more precision to cancer ablation.
Lead Inventor of the iShoe
Developed sustainable microbial fuel cell technology and co-inventor of the Soccket


Invented PRINT® (Particle Replication in Non-wetting Templates) technology used to manufacture nanocarriers in medicine.
Invented low-cost, human-powered irrigation pumps to help subsistence farmers become self-reliant entrepreneurs.
Invented processes to combat bacterial infections by enhancing the effectiveness of antibiotics at killing bacteria
Invented “Bubble Logic,” an all-fluidic system to control sub-nanoliter quantities of biological and chemical reagents in microfluidic devices.


Invented an amplified chemical sensor that uses molecular wires to detect the presence of vapors from explosives.
Invented advanced technologies for converting biomass feedstocks into motor vehicle fuels.
Invented the ATLAS Powered Rope Ascender


Developed and improved modern liquid crystal technology
Developed antiviral treatments for chronic diseases
Invented the Transition; a personal air vehicle


Created a sonar tool to isolate different movements inside the human body: Transcutaneous Doppler system
Developed the one-transistor dynamic random access memory (DRAM).
Innovations in stroke and cancer treatments


Invented the first practical LED (light emitting diode)
Invented molecular sieve zeolites.
Invented low-cost device for manufacturing eyeglass lenses, electronic rope and recyclable 3D LEGO chocolate printer


Invented some of modern molecular biology's core instruments, including the DNA Sequencer.
His inventions include significant improvements on the early cardiac pacemakers, artificial kidneys, cardiac catheters and disposable medical trays.
Developed 'swarm' microrobots based on the principles of nature to carry out real-world tasks.


Invented IBOT, a battery-powered wheelchair that can climb stairs and the Segway.
Modernized the cotton industry through her scientific invention of wrinkle-free, wash-and-wear fabrics.
Designed a low-cost aerial surveillance system that utilizes a rocket
Invented and patented FreshPaper—a low-cost, compostable paper to keep produce fresher longer.


Invented the first reading machine for the blind
Developed the first MR (Magnetic Resonance) Scanning Machine
Created a universal nano-assembly machine
Solar distillation device to purify outdoor water and eco-friendly paper


Revolutionized surgical embolectomy procedures
The "founding father" of wireless communications
Designed a motorized hammermill
Baby Buzzer"—a mat with a device that sounds a buzzer when stepped on, alerting parents when babies are close to staircases.


Revolutionized the semiconductor industry with very-large-integrated circuits.
The invention of Kevlar®, the high-strength fiber that is the life-saving material of bulletproof vests.
Designs and builds implantable microelectrodes to facilitate sensory feedback in prosthetic limbs
Water bicycle for both therapeutic and recreational uses and the "Cast Cooler"


Langer's research into polymers led to the slow release of micro-encapsulated doses of ionic drugs, peptides and other large molecule drugs.
Inventions include automatic letter-sorting machine for the U.S. Postal Service; automatic regulation of clocks and watches; the magnetic particle clutch used in cars and airplanes; etc.
Black Falcon—a tool for minimally invasive surgery.


Invented the computer mouse
Developed cures for cancer and leukemia
Invented the HydroRail™ —a modular hydrostatic bearing for machine tools; and the Pass-It™


Opened the door to genetic engineering and laid the foundations for gene therapy and the biotechnology industry
Invented a device that emitted electricity pulses to the heart.
Invented the Fastap™ keypad, formerly known as OneTouch™


Develped mathematical models for automotive computers
Invented PHANTOM 3-D Touch interface for computers