There are various ways for you to get involved with the Lemelson-MIT Program.

Become a Partner in Invention Education
We are offering an exclusive membership called "Partners in Invention Education" for school districts or organizations interested in joining a new professional learning community.  Download the brochure to learn more about this opportunity.  

Get Involved as a Sponsor
We have a range of sponsorship opportunities for our Student Prize Awards. Download our brochure to learn more, and contact Betsy Boyle if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor.

Partners with an interest in sponsoring hands-on learning in grades 7-10 underserved in STEM, should contact Invention Education Officer, Leigh Estabrooks to learn more.

Get Involved by providing financial or in-kind support for K-12 Hands-on STEM
Provide funds to support an InvenTeam's development of a prototype, travel to EurekaFest or donate tools to support scaling the JV InvenTeam initiative. Visit our current list of partners

Get Involved as a Mentor
Become a mentor to an InvenTeam or JV InvenTeam in your community to help them gain access to professional knowledge and resources that enrich their experience.  Science and technology museums or universities can provide direct mentoring to InvenTeams and JV InvenTeams.

Get Involved as a Collaboration Partner
Become a collaboration partner and help create a long-term fundraising network for JV InvenTeam sites.  Science and technology museums or universities can help host events.

Get Involved as a Nominator
Know an inventive undergraduate or graduate student? Encourage him or her to apply for the national Lemelson-MIT Student Prize.